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Divorce Investigations

Once someone has suspicion that his or her spouse might be cheating, their next move is crucial. My firm leads you through steps on maintaining a journal and keeping your wits about you as to not let your spouse know of your suspicions. We walk clients through evidence gathering procedures. After my firm obtains photographic and video evidence, then we gather other data such as social media searches, phone records and any other evidence that is documented and obtainable. GPS tracking is a big part in cracking a domestic case. All evidence is recorded, printed and prepared for court. The biggest issue in a domestic case is when a client thinks he or she can convince their spouse they can work it out before obtaining enough evidence to win the court case.

child custody investigations

My company specializes in child custody investigations. The duty of the court is to protect the child. My duty as investigator is to help prove to the court who the best parent is to primary custody of the child. We also help determine if the other parent should have joint or shared custody, or if that parent should have supervised or unsupervised visitation.

Process Service

A process server is someone who is relied on by attorneys, clients, businesses, and judges to move the legal process forward. Many cases are stalled or dismissed for failure to properly serve subpoenas, summons, garnishments, complaints, and notices in a legal and timely manner. In Alabama, a sheriff or constable is one option for service. But, it is often difficult to get someone to open the door to law enforcement and constables, and they typically attempt during during their work day. A private process server can deliver such documents at any time and is the best option for hard to serve people. We also provide updated addresses for people who have relocated.


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